Water Polo Pool

    The Air Force water polo pool, which serves primarily as the Falcons' practice facility and plays host to an annual CWPAtournament, was refurbished for the 2003 season. Additions that were made to the facility during the 2003 renovation include: a new filtration system, a new gutter system level with the pool water and deck, a toe ledge 360 degrees around the pool for easy exit, a new deck and pool tiles for brighter color, eight-lane markers at the bottom of the pool and an AF logo in the middle, bulkheads removed to give the team the full 20 x 40 yard water surface all seven feet deep, stadium-quality fold down seating, two refrigerated drinking fountains, pull-up and bar-dip bars for landwork, 18 speakers mounted throughout the new ceiling tiles, upgraded white lighting to double the brightness, and a new ventilation system that controls air temperature and humidity.

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