Tailgate Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: How do I reserve a tailgate space?

    Answer: Contact Events Management by calling 719 333-9537 or go to the Web site: goairforcfalcons.com for more information.

    Question: When can I reserve a tailgate for the upcoming football season?

    Answer: Standing season tailgate spaces can be renewed on a priority basis through May. All new tailgate requests will be considered after 1 June for either the season or an individual game.

    Question: Can I just tailgate in the parking lot?

    Answer: Yes! ( If your group is larger than 10 people; it is suggested that a tailgate space be reserved).

    Question: How many vehicles are allowed in the reserved tailgate space?

    Answer: Only one vehicle with a tailgate parking pass is allowed in the reserved tailgate space. Failure to abide by this policy will result in loss of tailgate privileges.

    Question: Where should vehicles with your tailgate group park?

    Answer: All other vehicles with your group may park in the regular parking lot, preferably in the adjacent lot of the reserved space. Please advise tailgate members which lot your reserved space is in prior to game day so they can pre-plan which lot they will need to park in prior to arriving. All parking is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    Question: How much does a tailgate space cost?

    Answer: There is no cost to reserve and use an assigned tailgate space.

    Question: If I have a motor home where do I park?

    Answer: Motor homes are parked on the periphery of parking lots 2A, 2, 4, and 5.

    Question: Can I use a grill?

    Answer: Grills ( propane and charcoal) are authorized, unless a fire ban is in effect.

    Question: If I am going to put up a large tent, when can I set it up?

    Answer: All large tents must be set up the day before the game during normal working hours 7:30-4:30 PM.

    Question: I do not have a Department of Defense /military sticker on my vehicle--How do I get onto the base?

    Answer: USAFA will open to the public 4 hours prior to game time. The gates to the Stadium will open 2 1/2 hours prior to game time.

    Question: How do people find their assigned tailgate space?

    Answer: A tailgate map and pass are sent to the tailgate holder. It is up to the tailgate holder to let his party know where the tailgate space is located.

    Question: How long can I stay in my tailgate space after the game?

    Answer: Tailgating is allowed up to 3 hours after the game for non DoD ID card holders

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