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    Session 1: June 8-12 (Ages 8-18) - SESSION FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED

    Session 2: June 15-19 (Ages 13-18) - High Intensity Training and Conditioning Camp - Boarders Only - SESSION FULL - REGISTRATION CLOSED

    Registration Fee: $595-Boarder, $395-Commuter

    Attention Wrestlers:

    Be confident that your decision to take this opportunity to learn and develop your wrestling skills and abilities will expose you to top level wrestling technique, strategies and tactics. As you know, wrestling is a very physical and emotional sport that challenges your strength, speed, skill, stamina, agility and of course mental toughness. Wrestling teaches individuals a great deal about themselves; in fact, it has been said that many life's lessons are learned in a wrestling room!

    Our camp is a proven resource to help develop competitors in each area mentioned above. The training regimen campers will follow on a daily basis has been developed under our coaching staff's leadership and guidance. AFA wrestling has implemented a wrestling system from the ground up and our coaching staff will offer campers the opportunity to study the combative and systematic style of wrestling used by our AFA athletes. All sessions are held in the newly renovated wrestling facility, home to the AFA Wrestling team.

    The staff, including our featured guest clinicians and AFA Cadet counselors, will guide each camper towards mastering the skills we teach as well as help them grow with our off the mat "Character and Integrity" training sessions.  The camp's outstanding staff, staff to student ratios, and access to all of the academy's outstanding athletic facilities makes the AFA Wrestling Camp an obvious choice for parents and wrestlers alike. This year's camp staff will consist of state champions, Asics All-Americans, Junior National Champions, NCAA Champions and All-Americans, World and Olympic Team Members.

    Session 2 Details:

    "Spec Ops" is the elite operations unit within the United States Air Force.  These men are specially trained to handle situations that most others would shy away from.  They are always ready to answer the call of duty.  This is the attitude in which we base our 2015 summer "Spec Ops" training camp.  This camp will offer a chance for wrestlers to challenge themselves on the wrestling mat, and off of it as well.  We will train in the perfect environment, at the base of the Rocky Mountains, learning valuable wrestling technique, live wrestling against fellow campers, test ourselves against the Air Force Academy obstacle course, run Stanley Canyon, and even visit the Olympic Training Center!

    The camp will have three training sessions a day except for Friday. Friday is a half day with the camp completion recognition program beginning at approximately 10:30am in the wrestling room. The campers will be free to leave immediately following the ceremony. A typical day in the Spec Ops camp is listed below:

    The emphasis of the Session 2 camp is on total development of the student-athlete. Campers are expected to come to this camp in shape and ready to work hard! This camp is not designed for beginner or novice wrestlers.

    Camp Check-in Process

    Session 1 - Sample Daily Schedule
    8:30-10:30 Technique (Sessions taught progressively)
    10:45-12:15 Cross Training (Stanley Canyon, Aquatics, OTC)
    12:30-1:15 Lunch
    1:45-3:45 Technique (Sessions taught progressively)
    3:45-4:15 Daily Review / Questions and Answers session
    4:15-4:30 Commuter parents meet their athlete at the Field House or at the Wrestling Room
    4:15-4:30 Resident campers escorted to dormitory for evening meal and evening activity.


    Session 2 - Sample Daily Schedule "Spec Ops Camp"

    0610 - 0630

    Spec Ops Training/Physical Training

    0700 - 0800 Breakfast 


    Technique Session



    1500 - 1700

    Live Wrestling

    1730 - 1830


    1930 - 2030

    Personal Leadership 101

    2100 - 2200

    Free time/Lights out

    Workout gear should include: t-shirt, shorts (preferred) or wrestling singlet, wrestling or tennis court type shoes, running shoes and a water bottle. Optional equipment would include: headgear/ear guard, kneepads and mouthpiece. Session 2 campers should bring enough gear for four training sessions per day plus a good pair of running shoes to run up Stanley Canyon!

    Again thank you for considering The AFA Wrestling Camps this summer. We are confident it will be a rewarding experience for parents and wrestlers. Our goal is to contribute to your wrestling success, mental toughness and strong character!

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    Sam Barber
    AFA Head Wrestling Coach

    In accordance with NCAA guidelines, all AFA Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by specified number, age grade level and/or gender of its participants.

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