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    Registration will begin in January

    Session 1:
    June 8-12 (Ages 8-18)
    Session 2: June 15-19 (Ages 8-18)

    Registration Fee: $595-Boarder, $395-Commuter

    Parents and Friends of Young Wrestlers (ages 8-18)

    Thank you for considering the AFA Wrestling Camp as your choice for developing your wrestling ability this summer!

    Be confident that your decision to take this opportunity to learn and develop your wrestling skills and abilities with us will expose you to top level wrestling technique, strategies and tactics. As you know, wrestling is a very physical and emotional sport that challenges your strength, speed, skill, stamina, agility and of course physical and mental toughness. Wrestling teaches individuals a great deal about themselves; in fact, it has been said that all life's lessons are learned in a wrestling room. As a sport wrestling can be rewarding and inspirational as well as discouraging and frustrating.

    Our camp offers world class technique, world class fun and is a proven resource to help develop novice and elite competitors in each area mentioned above. The training regimen campers will follow on a daily basis has been developed under our coaching staff's leadership and guidance. The camp will focus on fundamental skills and principles that are common in every match at every level of competition. AFA wrestling has implemented a wrestling system from the ground up and our coaching staff will offer campers the opportunity to study the combative and systematic style of wrestling used by our AFA athletes. All sessions are held in the newly renovated wrestling facility home to the USAFA Wrestling team. Campers will have off the mat sessions that will expose them to our teams Stanley Canyon hike, swimming in our Natatorium and a visit to the Olympic Training Center located right here in Colorado Springs.

    The staff including our featured guest clinicians and USAFA Cadet counselors will guide each camper towards mastering the skills we teach as well as help them grow with our off the mat training sessions. The camps outstanding staff, staff to student ratios, and access to all of the academies outstanding athletic facilities make the AFA Wrestling Camp an obvious choice for parents and wrestlers a like. This year's camp staff will consist of state champions, Asics All-Americans, Junior National Champions, NCAA Champions and All-Americans, World and Olympic Team Members.

    The camp runs two sessions a day except for Friday. Friday is a half day with the camp completion recognition program beginning at approximately 10:30am in the wrestling room. The campers will be free to leave immediately following the ceremony. A typical day will be:

    Camp Check-in Process

    Sample Daily Schedule
    8:30-10:30 Technique (Sessions taught progressively)
    10:45-12:15 Cross Training (Stanley Canyon, Aquatics, OTC)
    12:30-1:15 Lunch
    1:45-3:45 Technique (Sessions taught progressively)
    3:45-4:15 Daily Review / Questions and Answers session
    4:15-4:30 Commuter parents meet their athlete at the Field House or at the Wrestling Room
    4:15-4:30 Resident campers escorted to dormitory for evening meal and evening activity.

    Areas of concentration will include:

    1. Fundamental principles in the 5 key positions found in every wrestling match.
    2. Development and training tips to develop the 6 physical attributes of every wrestler.
    3. Character of a Champion, insight into the habits and practices that lead to championship performances on the mat and in life.

    During camp, each athlete will have access to the well supervised and nationally renowned facilities of the Academy. The emphasis of the camp is on total development of the student-athlete and is appropriate for young athletes just starting the journey or those who have years of experience. This camp will include daily technique sessions and position wrestling as well as live wrestling matches. The final session will be our signature round robin tournament that gives athletes a chance to test the skills they have learned during the week.

    Workout gear should include: t-shirt, shorts (preferred) or wrestling singlet, wrestling or tennis court type shoes, running shoes and a water bottle. Optional equipment would include: headgear/ear guard, kneepads and mouthpiece.

    Again thank you for considering The AFA Wrestling Camp this summer. We are confident it will be a rewarding experience for parents and wrestlers. It will contribute to future success in both wrestling and in life.

    Click here to register for this camp 

    Sam Barber
    AFA Head Wrestling Coach

    In accordance with NCAA guidelines, all AFA Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by specified number, age grade level and/or gender of its participants.

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