Sports Camps

    LIGHTNING BANDS (Boarders)

    The purchase of "Lightning Bands" is designed and highly recommended for AFA Sports Camps Boarders. A Lightning Band takes the place of money, and are worn on the wrist of a camper and may be used to purchase souvenirs from our gift shop, or food and drink from one of our many vendors during sports camps. Starting at $50, Lightning Bands can be purchased in $25 increments during initial on-line registration. If you don't purchase a Lightning Band during registration, you may do so up until May 16th through your own on-line registration account.

    Note: To avoid long lines, we highly recommend you purchase Lightning Bands prior to the May 16th. After May 16th, Lightning Bands can only be purchased during Check-In Day.

    During sports camps, in order to "reload" your Lightning Bands please call (719) 333-2116. (Lighting Bands are not applicable at the Golf Course or AFA Visitor's Center).

    Note: All dollar amounts on Lightning Bands must be spent during sports camps. There is no refund for money left on a Lightning Band.

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