Sports Camps


    The purchase of Lightning Bands is designed and highly recommended for AFA Sports Camps Boarders. A Lightning Band takes the place of money, and are built into the barcode on camp credentials. Lightning Bands can be used to purchase souvenirs from our gift shop, or food and drink from one of our many vendors during sports camps. Starting at $25, Lightning Bands can be purchased in $25 increments during initial on-line registration. If you don't purchase a Lightning Band during registration, you may do so up until May 16th through your own on-line registration account.

    To avoid lines during check-in, we highly recommend you purchase Lightning Bands prior to the May 16th. After May 16th, Lightning Bands can only be purchased during Camp Check-In.

    During sports camps, in order to reload your Lightning Bands please call (719) 333-2116. (Lightning Bands are not applicable at the Golf Course or AFA Visitor's Center).

    Campers must spend all of the money on their lightning bands during the 2015 AFA Sports Camps. There is no refund for money left on a Lightning Band at the end of sports camps.

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