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Session 1: June 11-15 (Ages 12-18)
- Session Full

Session 2: June 18-22 (Ages 12-18)
- Session Full

Session 3:
June 25-27 (Ages 8-13) - Commuter Only
Session Closed

Registration Fee:
$800-Boarder, $650-Commuter (Session 1 & 2), $350-Commuter (Session 3)
**Boarders must be 12 years of age or older - Registration Ends May 25**

Parents and Young Hockey Players:

Thank you for considering the AFA Hockey Camp! Hockey is a very physical, emotional, and technical sport. A hockey player needs to be skilled in a number of different areas in order to play the game proficiently. Because of this, the road to becoming a hockey player can be challenging and frustrating at times. However, once a player has reached a certain level of proficiency, there is no sport that is more enjoyable and rewarding.

In today's world, athletes are beginning to specialize at an earlier age. This is especially true with hockey players and is primarily due to the skating aspect of the game. A hockey player must be able to skate in order to play the game proficiently. Because of this, many aspiring hockey players attend summer camps to either "elevate" their present game or attempt to "catch up" if they have taken the game up at a later age. Skating is like any other skill in that it can be taught and developed, however, many club and/or school programs do not provide the time and/or opportunity to learn and perfect techniques to a high level of proficiency. This is why specialized training and attendance at summer camps is so important.

The AFA Hockey Camp is primarily a technique, strategy and skills camp as opposed to an intensive camp. Our goal is to offer every camper, regardless of their age or skill level, an opportunity to develop skills, compete and have fun at the Cadet Ice Arena. To accomplish this, we divide our groups according to age and/or skill level, this enables every player to compete against others of comparable ability. The curriculum provides campers with two ice sessions and 2 ½ hours of ice time per day. The morning session consists of 20-25 minutes of power skating, 30-35 minutes of puck skills, and about 15-20 minutes of small games. The afternoon session consists of 20-25 minutes of game situation drills followed by a 50-55 minute scrimmage game. Goaltenders receive individual instruction during the morning sessions. The week culminates with a formal game on Friday. Because the emphasis is on teaching, skill development, and fun, full contact "collision checking" is not allowed, however, "contact checking" is permitted and all aspects of checking is covered in curriculum.

Be prepared to send your camper with all equipment required by USA Hockey, this to include: a helmet with facemask, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, hockey gloves, shin pads, a cup supporter, and skates. Also pack workout gear for off ice training, to include: shorts, t-shirts, and running gear. In addition, it is good to bring an old stick that can be used for street hockey.

The AFA Hockey camp provides a well rounded curriculum and exposes our campers to everything necessary to become a successful hockey player. If your hockey player leaves the camp with only one thing that will make him more successful, he/she has gotten his/her money's worth, however, I am confident he/she will pick up much more. The camp runs from approximately 8:00am - 4:30pm daily with the exception of Friday, which are half day camps ending at 12:00pm. The campers will be free to leave immediately following their final ice session on Friday morning. Session 3 will be 3 full days of camp running from 8:00am - 4:30pm daily.

Camp Check-in Process

Again, thank you for considering the AFA Hockey Camp; we have a great camp. I am confident your camper will grow as a hockey player and have a wonderful camp experience. Please remember Sessions 1 and 2 is for players 12-18, and Session 3 is designed for skaters 8-13.

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AFA Head Hockey Coach

In accordance with NCAA guidelines, all AFA Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by specified number, age grade level and/or gender of its participants.

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