Sports Camps


Below are rules for campers to follow during AFA Sports Camps. Some of these rules are a given, but we believe they are critical for campers to understand. Our #1 priority is the safety and well being of our campers.

  • The possession or use of illegal drugs, as well as, tobacco or alcohol will lead to automatic dismissal.
  • Absolutely no weapons to include explosives, laser pointers, knives, or firearms are allowed.
  • The use of foul language, fighting, horseplay, stealing, sneaking out of the dorms, bullying, making fun of others, or any type of inappropriate behavior is prohibited and may lead to immediate dismissal from camp.
  • Contact with cadets other than your cadet camp counselor (official camp business only) is forbidden.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO MALE BOARDERS are permitted on the 6th floor of the dormitory.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO FEMALE BOARDERS are permitted on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the dormitory.

  • Dress Code - No lewd or provocative clothing is allowed. Those who are wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change their clothes immediately.

  • Mitchell Hall Dining Facility - No sandals, flip-flops, swimming suits, tank tops, robes, or pajamas are allowed during breakfast or dinner.

  • Campers must wear their camp credential at all times.
  • Lights Out at 10:00pm nightly.
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