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    Regsitration will begin in January

    Session Dates: TBD (Commuter Only)

    Ages: 8-18
    Level: Pre-Pre - Senior
    Registration Fee: $495

    Additional Charges:
       - Freeskate sessions: $8
       - Private Lessons: Fees vary 


    Dear figure skating camp student,

    Thank you for your interest in working with me on your figure skating goals at the inaugural AFA Figure Skating Camp held at the United States Air Force Academy. I am truly honored. Your camp schedule is included in this email. In addition to your on ice lesson time with me, I want to let you know about several other opportunities that are offered while you participate in our camp.

    My strategies for learning include the following:

    1. Video feedback analysis through an IPad application by Ubersense. This technology allows coaches to move around the rink and film you on your natural jumping and spinning patterns from different angles both on and off the ice.

    We will also provide Dartfish feedback to all of the athletes based on my instructions to her during a private off ice lesson. This allows you to have fresh video images in your brain, set a technical goal for a specific jump BEFORE you get on the ice. This method allows you to keep your physical activity at a high pace AND work on your jump while keeping your body warm by not having to stand around during your on ice work.

    2. You will also be trained in a series of off ice on jump techniques, jump exercises, strength exercises and speed and agility drills.

    3. Many skaters forget the technical information, I have prepared handouts of each jump that include my basic language of teaching, diagrams of the jump pattern, take-offs, key words and other helpful things. You can take notes on these pages as you participate in the camp classes. I am also able to customize this handout during your private lesson time. This packet makes an excellent bridge for your return to your primary coach back home as you can easily share all the information that you learned here with me as your coach.

    4. You will also participate in an off ice sports concepts class in a meeting room at the AFA Cadet Ice Arena. This class is designed to teach you about the many different qualities it takes to be a champion in a fun, relaxed way. This class includes 15 minutes of discussion, 15 minutes of video analysis and 15 minutes of technical exercises.

    5. You are also set to skate an on ice power class that is 30 minutes in duration. This class is a cardio workout with limited technique training.

    Some camp policies you should be aware include:

    a. Always clear the ice promptly at the end of each session.

    b. Please review your schedule so you know what your next activity is and where to go to participate.

    Here's hoping your time at the camp is filled with learning while at the same time exciting, challenging and fun. Please remember to work hard and sweat because you are an athlete!

    Click here to register for this camp

    Additional Camp information from Coach Zakrajsek 

    Sample Daily Schedule

    7:00 am - 12:00 noon Two Different On-Ice Jump Technique Classes per day by level (10-15 per class)
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    Off Ice Training, as well as, On Ice Private Lessons with Tom and his support staff (special guests include many of his former US Champions to be announced soon)

    6:00 pm Roundtable discussions to review the material presented in the different off-ice classes scheduled for each day. These discussions are for parents, athletes and coaches to interact with all support personnel including experts in IJS Components, Nutrition, Mental Training, Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning, Physical Therapy, Off-Ice Dance and Movement and Dartfish.

    Camp check-n will be on Sunday, 29 from 1:00-3:00pm at the Cadet Ice Arena within the Cadet Field House. 

    This all-inclusive camp is modeled after the TEAM USA Champs Camp and geared for the developing skater. It will be 4 full days Monday-Thursday. Friday will be a half-day. Lunch is included Monday-Thrusday. Check in begins Sunday evening. All private lesson and freeskate times will be assisgned at camp check-in.

    Come with your coach and learn the foundation for triple and quadruple jumping from one of the best coaches in the world who has developed both male and female skaters from the grassroots to the World level. In addition, all camp participants will learn an off-ice and on-ice theatrical dance number to be performed in front of a distinguished panel of judges.

    Register now to guarantee a spot in the camp that will be a lot of fun and challenge you to become more at the same time!

    Best wishes,

    Tom Zakrajsek
    Olympic Coach 2010
    6-time World Coach
    Coach of 4 U.S. Champions in the last 5 years (Abbott '09, Flatt '10, Bradley '11, Aaron '13)
    Master-rated in freestyle since 1991
    MS in Exercise Science from University of Colorado-CS
    USFS Developmental Coach of the Year-1999
    PSA Coach of the Year-2009

    In accordance with NCAA guidelines, all AFA Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by specified number, age grade level and/or gender of its participants.

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