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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Question: How do we register for AFA Sports Camps?
  • Answer: Registration is accomplished online only. It's convenient, and easy to manage your account. Simply locate the sport you wish to participate in, click onto the coach's letter, and then click the online registration button.

    All Early Bird registrations (December 11-January 31) must be paid in full. Standard registration between February 1st and April 30th has a payment option plan, but must be paid in full no later than April 30th. Anyone registering after May 1 must pay in-full at the time of registration. Only a credit card/debit card is accepted. (VISA/MC/DISCOVER/AMEX)

+ Question: Is a deposit required to secure a spot?
  • Answer: A $150.00 deposit is required for all registrations. NOTE: The Early Bird discount requires payment in full. Those who register after the Early Bird period must be paid in-full by April 30. For those who register after April 30, full payment is due at the time you register on-line.
+ Question: How can I verify my registration or pay my remaining registration balance?
+ Question: Are Sports Camp discounts available?
  • Answer: Discounts are available only during our Early Bird special. (December 11-January 31) This discount is available to ALL applicants and can be accomplished through our online registration during the advertised Early Bird period. Payment during this special discount is due in full. After the Early Bird period, there is a standard registration time period. AFA Sports Camps do not offer any other discounts besides the early-bird registration period.
+ Question: What are Bolt Bucks?
  • Answer: Bolt Bucks take the place of cash and may be reloaded with a phone call from the parents. Bolt Bucks are loaded onto Camper credentials, and may be used to purchase souvenirs from our gift shop or food and drink from one of our vendors during camp (regular meals already provided). Starting at $25, Bolt Bucks can be purchased in $25 increments during initial on-line registration. There is no refund for unused bolt bucks at the end of AFA Sports Camps.

Recommended for Boarders only. It's highly recommended you purchase your Bolt Bucks online when you register for camp. This will alleviate having to wait in line during camp check-in to purchase your Bolt Bucks. You may purchase Bolt Bucks online until June 1 using your Sports Camp account. To reload your Bolt Bucks during camp, call (719) 333-2116.

+ Question: What is the refund policy?
  • Answer: AFA Sports Camps has a no refund policy. However, we will grant an exception because of a medical emergency. If a medical emergency refund is warranted, a statement from your doctor must accompany your written (email) request. All refunds will incur a $50 processing fee. NOTE: Refund requests will not be honored after June 30.
+ Question: What  happens if my camp is cancelled?
  • Answer: If for any reason a camp is cancelled by AFA Sports Camps, those enrolled in said camp will hae the option of either a full refund or to switch camps/session without any transfer fee.
+ Question: What is the age requirement to attend camp?
  • Answer: Commuter ages are 8-18 for most camps, while boarder ages are 12-18. (Check schedule & dates)
+ Question: How much money should my child bring to camp?
  • Answer: All meals are included in the price of camps. However, during Night Rec, a camper has a choice of several food and concession vendors inside the Cadet Field House. There is also a Gift Shop for souvenirs and Air Force apparel. NOTE: Take advantage of AFA Sports Camps Bolt Bucks. This is built into the Camper credential and takes the place of carrying cash. (See Bolt Bucks)
+ Question: What does Sunday Check-in involve?
  • Answer: Sunday Check-in is for both Boarder and Commuter campers. With over 20 camps and 1,400 campers per session, it's imperative that all campers check-in for their sport during the appropriate check-in date. This is an opportunity for both campers and parents alike to meet the AF coaching staff face to face and ask any question that you may have. Many times coaches will also have pertinent information pertaining to your camp. It's also a time that campers will receive their daily schedule, credential and lanyard, safety and rules guidelines. Once check-in is complete, Commuter Campers are welcome to leave. Boarders however must then board a bus and check-in at the dorms, get their room key, and meet their counselor.

Sunday check-in (for most sports) runs from 1:00-4:00pm (MDT) on June 10 (session 1) or June 17 (session 2).

**Golf will check-in at the Golf Course starting at 1:00pm.**

+ Question: Are parents of boarders allowed into the dormitory area during Sunday Check-in?
  • Answer: Unfortunately not. The dorms are a secured and gated area. Only credentialed campers and authorized personnel are allowed to board the bus and enter the Cadet Wing area. Parents are more than welcome to stay with their campers as long as they want inside the Cadet Field House during check-in.
+ Question: What about valuables? What should my son/daughter NOT bring?
  • Answer: We highly discourage bringing any type of expensive electronics, such as iPods, iPads, Laptops, etc. Unfortunately, items end up lost or even stolen. If high end sports' equipment is brought, it must be safeguarded and well-marked. Please ensure your camper brings an extra padlock. There is a wall locker they can utilize to secure their items. AFASports Camps is not liable for theft or loss of personal property.

Cell phones are permitted, but not allowed during daily camp instruction.

+ Question: Is transportation provided to/from Colorado Springs Airport?
  • Answer: Yes, transportation is provided for boarders to and from the Colorado Springs Airport (COS) ONLY
+ Question: Who coaches the AFA Sports Camps?
  • Answer: Each respective sport is led by the Air Force Academy's head coach and/or staff. However, because of the number of campers, additional coaches are hired to assist.
+ Question: What evening activities are available for boarders after camp each day?
  • Answer: AFA Sports Camps has an array of Night Recreational activities and venues for each boarder. Boarders may elect to ice skate, play basketball, swim, play volleyball, tennis, racquetball, foosball, air hockey or table tennis. Boarders can also play board games, grab a snack from our concession stands, or visit our gift shop. A movie will also be shown each evening. Each venue is supervised and managed by a staff of trained adults.
+ Question: What kind of dorm supervision is provided to boarders during their stay?
  • Answer: Led by a staff of active duty officers, there are over 80 cadet and adult counselors who reside in the Sports Camp dorms during camp. Cadets and our active duty staff provide counseling, guidance, and supervision. A private security company also provides additional security and oversight during evening and nighttime hours.
+ Question: Is there a medical staff available at all times for campers?
  • Answer: Yes. There is a staff of nurses and medical trainers available 24 hours a day.
+ Question: Are dorm rooms available between Session's 1 and 2 on Friday and Saturday nights?
  • Answer: Unfortunately No. Friday's and Saturday's are spent cleaning rooms, taking care of maintenance issues, and preparing for the next session of camps.
+ Question: Are girls and boys dorm rooms located on the same floors?
  • Answer: Male and female floors are completely segregated from each other. In addition, each section has an assigned nurse and additional medical staff personnel.
+ Question: Are meals included during camp?
  • Answer: Boarders are provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lunch is provided for commuter campers. Note A limited number of gluten free and vegetarian meal options are available during all meals. If your camper has special dietary requirements it must be noted at the time of registration. 
+ Question: Is a physical required in order to participate in camp?
  • Answer: No, but remember that a (Medical Insurance/Information) is required when registering. Also, a copy of the campers insurance card should be brought to camp and held by the camper or uploaded to their online account.
+ Question: Are bed linens and toiletries provided for boarders?
  • Answer: No. Boarders must bring their own blanket, pillow, sheets (twin beds) and/or sleeping bag, towels, toiletries, etc. (shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste). Please also bring sunscreen!
+ Question: Are AFA Sports Camp Scholarships available?
  • Answer: NCAA rules prohibit us from granting scholarships.
+ Question: How many campers are in each sport? Can my son or daughter participate in multiple camps?
  • Answer: The number of campers varies. Sports such as Wrestling, Diving, Track and Field, or Cheerleading may have 15-40 participants. Soccer, Football or Basketball may have several hundred. Each sport is dependent on the facilities available and the amount of staff we hire. Campers cannot switch from one sport to the next, unless circumstances dictate.
+ Question: Does Sports Camps provide tours of the Air Force Academy?
  • Answer: No. Please remember that your son or daughter is a boarder they will be exposed to a great deal of the Academy's facilities, and surrounding area.

Question: What does a typical camp schedule look like for a Boarder camper staying overnight?

1:00-4:00pm Check-in at Field House/meet coaches/room assignments/meet counselors
Once Check-in is complete at Field House, boarders board a bus to the dorms for room assignment
5:00-6:00pm Dinner at Mitchell Hall
6:30-8:30pm Boarder Safety Briefing/Pep Rally in Field House
8:30-9:00pm Free Time in Cadet Field House
9:00-10:00pm Dorm Counselor meeting for all Campers in the dorms
10:00pm Lights Out in Dorm rooms
6:30am Wake-Up
7:00-8:00am Breakfast
8:30am-4:30pm Sports Camp Instruction (Includes lunch hour)
5:00-6:00pm Dinner
6:00-8:45pm Night Rec in Field House/Cadet Gym
10:00pm Lights Out in Dorm rooms
6:30am Wake-Up
7:00-8:00am Breakfast
8:30am-12:00pm Sports Camp Instruction/Camp concludes at 12:00pm

NOTE: COMMUTER CAMPERS, Monday through Thursday: 8:30am-4:00pm, Friday: 8:30am-12:00pm

Sessions 1 and 2: Camp Check-in is on Sunday (June 10 or 17) from 1:00-4:00pm at the Cadet Field House.

Session 3: Check-in is on Monday (June 25) between 7:30-8:30am at the Cadet Field House.

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