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Session 1: June 11-15 (Ages 10-18)
- Session Full - Waitlist Available Online

Session 2: June 18-22 (Ages 10-18)
Session Full - Waitlist Available Online

Regsitration Fee: $700-Boarder, $500-Commuter
**Boarders must be 12 years of age or older - Registration Ends May 25**

Parents and Divers:

Thank you for considering the AFA Diving Camp this summer! Diving is a physical, mental, and technical sport that can be very challenging, yet rewarding!

About the Cadet Natatorium:

The AFA Natatorium facilities offer video analysis, an adjacent state of the art dry land training room and more. In addition to its high altitude location at 7200 feet, this is a world class facility matched by only a few in the country.

It takes several years for a diver to become proficient in diving. Hours and hours of work on the basic fundamentals are essential for success. The AFA Diving Camp focuses on the techniques of board work, proper mechanics for somersaulting and twisting as well as proper body alignment for entries. Limited scholastic seasons alone do not provide the time and opportunity to learn and perfect techniques to a higher level of proficiency. That is why attendance at summer camps, training and competitions are so important.

It is difficult to change poor habits in a short five day diving camp, however, campers will be presented proper instruction and the opportunity to improve their own technique through two practice sessions each day. It is our hope that divers will leave the camp with a few key concepts in mind that, if implemented at practice when they return home, will make significant positive changes in their diving performance. If your son or daughter leaves camp with only an understanding of what it takes to use the board properly, the camp will be well worth it.

Campers need to bring: athletic shorts, t-shirt, socks, athletic shoes, swim suit, and sport towel (Sammy). Mornings begin with flexibility exercises and other dry land drills. Our morning focus is on basics such as board work, line-ups, voluntary dives and lead-ups. Afternoons are used for learning new dives and working optional dives. Campers will have the opportunity for belt work on the trampoline and dry land diving board practice throughout the day. Four classroom sessions are held during the camp where we discuss topics such as how to overcome fear, how to focus in competition and how to increase diving confidence.

Each day the camp runs from 8:30am to 4:30pm with the exception of Friday. Friday is a half day camp culminating with an exhibition by the divers from 10:00-11:00am. Parents are encouraged to attend the diving exhibition and are also most welcome to observe any of the training sessions during the week.

Thank you for considering the AFA Diving Camp. We are confident it will be a rewarding experience for your diver and will contribute to their future success and enjoyment of this wonderful sport.

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Curnow Signature

Stan Curnow
AFA Head Diving Coach

In accordance with NCAA guidelines, all AFA Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by specified number, age grade level and/or gender of its participants.

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