Former Falcon Chad Hall shows support for troops

Former Air Force football standout Chad Hall, a 2008 graduate, showed his support for troops by shaving his head during training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles. The full story from the follows.


BETHLEHEM, PA. -- While most of his Eagles teammates are consumed with paybooks, assignments and chances of earning one of the 53 roster spots, Chad Hall is also thinking about the time he served in the United States military and how he can help those who aren't as fortunate as him.

Hall, who won three letters while playing for the Air Force Academy, served two years as second lieutenant at an Air Force base in Salt Lake City before leaving to pursue his NFL career in 2010.

On Wednesday, after another intense practice at Lehigh, Hall had his head shaved on the field while roughly 300 veterans were invited around him to shake hands and ask for autographs from Hall and his teammates.

Every year, the Eagles bring veterans to camp to have them honored on "Military Day." For every lock of hair shaved off, Hall said, teammates donated money to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that raises money and awareness for servicemen and servicewomen injured in duty.

"I'm just trying to really take our minds off us and really appreciate these guys and what they do," said Hall, who's fighting to make the team for the third straight year. "They're over fighting for our freedom every day. We're fighting on the field, but it's so miniscule to what they really do."

Within minutes after practice, Hall's bushy blond mop had been turned into a military-style crew cut. It's the first time Hall's head was shaved since 2004, his first year at the Academy. Even then, he didn't have it trimmed all the way down.

"I don't think I'll ever grow it back," he said. "This is the first time I've ever had it like this. But it would take six to eight months. It would take a while."

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