Indoor Training Facility Update

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The Indoor Training Facility: We're Not Done Yet!            


At the Air Force Academy, every cadet participates in daily athletic activities--which means every cadet can expect to face threatening outdoor weather conditions 70 days a year. That's 70 less days to practice, 70 days short of a full training season, 70 days dulling our competitive edge.


That is why the USAFA Endowment is actively seeking donations for the largest privately funded capital project in the history of our Academy--the new Indoor Training Facility.


The Academy's 27 intercollegiate and 14 intramural sports, in addition to physical education classes and activities, make indoor training space scarce for more than 4,400 student-athletes. The Cadet Field House, built in 1968, can no longer meet the demand. The new Indoor Training Facility will finally enable athletes to train safely, year-round. Cadets will use it every day, knowing that it was built through the efforts and support of friends of the Academy's athletics program.


The Indoor Training Facility will not only impact the lives of current cadets; it will play a crucial role in attracting future generations of outstanding student-athletes. Our sister academies at West Point and Annapolis have added multimillion-dollar indoor practice facilities to their campuses, and the Air Force Academy is one of only 3 institutions in the entire Mountain West Conference without an indoor athletic training facility. There is a very limited pool of top student-athletes from which the Academy can recruit, and competition for these candidates is fierce among other universities. When it comes to recruiting the best of the best, facilities matter.


Thanks to the generosity of many graduates, family members, and friends of the Academy, we are getting closer to our fundraising goal for the new Indoor Training Facility. But we're not done yet! We need your help to push us across the "goal line" in funding by the end of this year.


To find out more about the project, please visit the web site, or to make a gift online, please click here.


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