Air Force's Soccer Siblings

There have been some great athletes with the name Moses. NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone, Track gold medalist Edwin Moses and Denver Bronco Ring of Famer Haven Moses.

However, none had a sibling that played the same sport at the same college.

That distinction is held by Kyle and Kaleigh Moses. Kyle is a senior co-captain on the Falcon men's soccer team. Kaleigh is a freshman on the women's soccer team.

The duo from Huntington Beach, Calif., took time to sit down with athletic communications assistants Nick Arseniak and Jerry Cross to talk about life at the Academy and having a sibling playing the same sport at the same school.

Q: What's it like, having a sibling playing soccer at the Academy?
Kaleigh: It is fun.  Most of the guys on the team know who I am and kind of take care of me in a way. It also makes life a lot easier here at this school.
Kyle: It's been cool, I get to help her out down on the fields and I can see her up on the hill as well.  It's cool to be able to watch her play when we both have home games.

Q: Has Kyle been helpful with advice on how to adjust to the Div. I level of soccer?
Kaleigh: Yes, he has been very helpful.  He comes to as many games as he can and he critiques me and lets me know what I need to do differently in order to be a better player.  I used to not enjoy being critiqued, but now I do.

Q: What has been your advice to Kaleigh regarding the Academy and playing Division I soccer?
Kyle: I tell her to play her game, play hard, and leave everything she has on the field.

Q: How has the transition been so far, going from high school/club soccer to the college level?
Kaleigh: I was in a pretty competitive club league in California, Coast Soccer League: Premier, so the transition from that to college level hasn't been too difficult for me.  The pace of the game and physicality of it is just a little tougher, but not too bad.

Q: Who's the best athlete in the family?
Kaleigh: Me obviously J. Everyone in my family is really athletic though.
Kyle: Is that a serious question? Hahaha without a doubt me.

Q: Do you and Kyle have a bet going to see who will score more goals/points this year?
Kaleigh: No. Sadly we do not.
Kyle: No, she knew there was no point so we decided not to.

Q: You have a younger sibling, Kameron (age 15), is he considering the Academy?
Kyle: He is all about Stanford right now.  He's the actual genius of the group.

Q: How has soccer helped you during your three+ years at AFA?
Kyle: In every way imaginable.  This program has developed me both as a player and as a leader. I have gained invaluable experience from the lessons of the game and from our wonderful coaching staff.  When I think back at the time I had at the academy, I will always think of AF Soccer! 

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
Kyle: I already have a pilot slot and I'm really excited about it. It is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.
Kaleigh: I'm not exactly sure what I want to do yet.

Q: Have you ever played against each other?
Kyle: Not in a game, but we used to play in the house and in the backyard all the time when we were younger.  We would just do one on one stuff until she got tired of losing.
Kaleigh: We used to play soccer in the house all the time against each other.

Q: Hypothetically, would you rather pass the ball to your brother/sister for the game-winning goal or would you rather stop your brother/sister from scoring the game-winner.
Kyle: Without a doubt, I would much rather pass them the ball.  We are extremely competitive, but we love it when the other succeeds. 
Kaleigh: I would definitely like to pass the game-winning ball to my brother because I enjoy seeing him happy and succeeding. Plus, I would get the credit and say he could not have done it without me.

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